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Well I finally did it, I gave up on Dreamweaver. I used to have the time to play with the HTML and CSS, but have finally decided I just don’t don’t have the time, so I am moving my web development to Rapidweaver. It is more complicated than iMovie, but much easier to use than Dreamweaver (I was having a preview problem were in the preview it looked right, but when published looked totally different), and there are many interesting plug-ins and themes available, and after wetting my teeth on my JonahLee.Com site, I decided it was time.

WP Touch Pro

Have implemented WPTouch Pro for my Movie Review and Restaurant Review Blogs, so they get a custom interface for iPods and for iPads.

I wanted to try and move my blogs over to my personal site at JonahLee.com, but it proved to be too much of an ordeal, so I just implemented them at Whale of a Tale as they always have been.
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