A Post Production Company

Updated Resumes

I have updated my resumes, and added a resume section to my web site. You can find many variations there, as I have a 2 page Documentary, EPK, and Behind the Scenes Resume, a 1 page list of those projects and a 1 page Direct Response resume, and then combinations of those resumes in various forms.

I also have moved some of the videos over to jonahlee.com and cleaned up both sites a bit.

Updated my Direct Response Resume

Well I finally got around to updating my Direct Response Resume. It had been over 2 years, and since I will be looking for work in about 3 weeks, I decided it was about time. Still need to do an update on my DVD and Blu-ray reel, though it will be more of a cleanup as I have mostly been doing DR of late.

You can download my Updated Direct Response Resume here.