A Post Production Company

New Site Design

I just updated the theme for my site, and I am pretty happy with it, though there are some issues, especially with my wordpress movie blog. It doesn't have the navigation links on that page for no reason that I can see.

I have contacted tech support on the new theme and I am trying a new wordpress plug in from yabdab, but I haven't gotten it to work yet, but am also waiting on tech support from them.

Moved to RapidWeaver 7

I have been having issues moving my site to RapidWeaver 7, but hopefully I have finally made the move and on RapidWeaver 7. Previously I had been unable to save my site after opening my Rapidweaver 6 site to Rapidweaver 7.

Rapidweaver 7 not working for this site UPDATE

So I did some changes to my site in Rapidweaver 6, and tried to see if I could get it to work in Rapidweaver 7, but no I have got nothing. It is just not working in Rapidweaver 7, only 6. Though my JonahLee.com site seems to work fine in Rapidweaver 7. SHIT!!!

Rapidweaver 7 not working

Got RapidWeaver 7 in one of those software bundles for $19.95, but can't use it as of yet. While my Jonahlee.Com site seems to move over just fine, my Whale of a Tale Site will open, but the resulting project won't save and gets stuck in a beachball! Damn!

So I am currently doing some work on the page in Rapidweaver 6. Shoot!

I did realize I had some wrong versions showing my Reels and some did not have mobile versions of videos, so I am fixing all of that, and then I will try to move my site over again.

I posted on the RealMac forums, so maybe someone can help.

Updated Whale of a Tale Productions

I have updated Whale of a Tale Productions web site to be mobile friendly with a completely new look and feel. This is response to Google pushing back sites that are not mobile friendly, so this should work equally well on all mobile devices and desktop computers. And of course there are a bunch of new photos of my dogs Indiana Bones and J.K. Growling for those dog lovers out there.