A Post Production Company

New Site Design

I just updated the theme for my site, and I am pretty happy with it, though there are some issues, especially with my wordpress movie blog. It doesn't have the navigation links on that page for no reason that I can see.

I have contacted tech support on the new theme and I am trying a new wordpress plug in from yabdab, but I haven't gotten it to work yet, but am also waiting on tech support from them.

New Whale of a Tale Productions Logo

I created a new logo bumper for Whale of a Tale Productions to more closely match my business card and be in 4K. It has been gestating for a while now and finally I had the time to sit down and create it. I am happy with the results.

New Business Card

I updated my Business Card. Haven't got any copies of it yet, but I think it is looking much better. Lets hope that the card looks as good once it is printed. I really like the updated design. Not sure about the Arial Black font, but so far it works for me.


Updated Color Correction & Online Reel

I have updated my color correction reel with a new SFX sequence that I created last week. I did a little effects sequence with me firing my AirSoft gun and shot it with my DJO Osmo+, my iPhone 6S and my Canon 60D. I also added gunshots and flashes to the sequence. This was done in DaVinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects.

I have included that sequence which itself is up on YouTube in 4K, below.

New Color Correction & Online Reel

I have created a new Color Correction and Online Reel. It is actually a work in process, and I am going to add some new self shot spots to it in the very near future, but I have a 6 minute reel up for now.

Please contact me for a password, and the reel is available on my secured Reels section.

Updated my Commercial & Direct Response Reel

I did an update to my Commercial & Direct Response Reel, updating the KettleWorx Spot to HD.

I am also working on a Color Correction and Online Reel, but it is not complete yet, as I think I need to shoot some shots to make it more impressive.

Please contact me for a password, and the reel is available on my secured Reels section.

New Version of Commercial & Direct Response Reel

I updated my Commercial and Direct Response Reel with some new spots. I added in a Children's Hospital Los Angeles Commercial, an additional LifeLock Spot, and a Pet Plan commercial.

Please contact me for a password, and the reel is available on my secured Reels section.

Moved to RapidWeaver 7

I have been having issues moving my site to RapidWeaver 7, but hopefully I have finally made the move and on RapidWeaver 7. Previously I had been unable to save my site after opening my Rapidweaver 6 site to Rapidweaver 7.

Single Resume

I have updated my resume so it is a single page only for my Editing, Motion Graphics and Color Correction. I have then made a Additional Resume which has more of my work and additional explanation on some jobs, as well as info on my gear and jobs before editing.

I have kept the old naming conventions for my resumes up because of links I used to include in my cover letters, but they are all now the same resume. My resumes are always available on the Resume page.

Updated on January 26th, 2017.

Updated my Resumes

I have updated all of my resumes to reflect my recent equipment change, and recent Direct Response Work. My old ECGA NVIDIA Geforce GTX 670 4GB Kicked the bucket, so I had to replace it. I now have a Zotac AMP! Edition Geforce GTX 980 4GB which is a 100% speed improvement over the old model. You can download them off of my Resume page.